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ISNCC Full Membership

ISNCC memberships run on calendar year and expire December 31st of each year.  Please note that membership fees are not pro-rated.

As a full member, you and your organization are an important part of an international network for professionals in the field of cancer nursing. This network is an invaluable international resource of nurses working in clinical practice, education, research, and management to advise them on cancer nursing and the nurse's role in cancer care.




National oncology nursing societies (one per country).


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Member Benefits


  • Exclusive access to ISNCC Insight, a unique platform for nurses to access online educational programs, web-courses, conference lectures, guidelines and other online materials that are directly relevant to cancer nursing practice.
  • Access to the International Cancer Nursing News and opportunity to submit posts or articles relevant to oncology nursing for consideration by the ISNCC Communications Committee.
  • Participate in the Member Council Meeting, held during the International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN).
  • Nominate individuals to receive awards or honors conferred by the Society.
  • Nominate eligible individuals for election for the Board of Directors.
  • Vote for individuals for the Board of Directors.
  • Dissemination of information on activities via ISNCC communication channels.
  • Capability to influence international cancer nursing.
  • Recognition of membership on ISNCC website.
  • Access to ISNCC discussion forums for online dialogue on pertinent international nursing issues.
  • Networking opportunities via participating in society activities such as the ICCN, educational and research initiatives, workshops, task forces, committees, and interactions with international health groups.
  • Access to career postings in the cancer nursing field.
  • Access to an extensive network of institutions, centers and individuals involved in cancer nursing and cancer care via access to the online ISNCC Membership Directory.
  • Full Members of ISNCC from low and middle income countries (low-income, lower-middle-income and upper-middle-income economies as defined by The World Bank) will automatically receive Global Network Membership (GNM) to UICC. More information on the GNM can be found here.

Fee Structure


The fee structure is based on geographic location.  To find out if you are eligible for the ‘Low Resource Countries’ membership rate, please refer to the World Bank List of Economies.

  • Low Resource Country – Association Member include members from  ‘Low-income economies’, ‘Lower-middle-income economies’ and ‘Upper-middle-income economies’ per the World Bank List of Economies
  • High Resource Country – Association Member include members from ‘High-income economies’ per the World Bank List of Economies

  Membership Dues 
 Low Resource Country - Full Member   US$100
 High Resource Country - Full Member      US$300

Two year membership option available at checkout 

Please note that membership fees are not pro-rated.


Please note that credit card payment from certain countries may be blocked for security purposes.  If you are having difficulties processing online payment, please contact ISNCC Head Office at