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ISNCC Individual Membership

ISNCC memberships (along with subscriptions to Cancer Nursing) run on calendar year and expire on December 31st of each year.  Please note that memberships and subscriptions are not prorated.





Individual nurses or other professionals involved or interested in cancer nursing.



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Member Benefits


  • Electronic subscription to Cancer Nursing, a bimonthly publication that address the whole spectrum of problems arising in the care and support of cancer patients.
  • Access to the International Cancer Nursing News, opportunity to submit posts or articles relevant to oncology nursing for consideration by the ISNCC Communications Committee, and receipt of notifications when new posts are made.
  • Access to the ISNCC Community on Sosido and receipt of weekly digests summarizing all activity in the ISNCC community.
  • Discounted subscription rates for inPractice Oncology Nursing - click here for more information
  • Access to ISNCC discussion forum for online dialogue on pertinent international nursing issues.
  • Reduced rates on the International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN) registration fees.
  • Participation in the business meeting of the Society, held during ICCN.
  • Networking opportunities via participating in society activities such as the ICCN, educational and research initiatives, workshops, task forces, committees, and interactions with international health groups.
  • Discounted rates for the ISNCC webinar program.
  • Access to career postings in the cancer nursing field.
  • Access to an extensive network of institutions, centers and individuals involved in cancer nursing and cancer care via access to the online ISNCC Membership Directory.

Please note that if you subscribe to Cancer Nursing between Nov 1st to Dec 31st, your subscription will not be active until the new year.


Fee Structure


The fee structure is based on geographic location per table below.  To find out if your country of residence is a low or high resource country, please refer to the World Bank List of Economies.

  • Individual Member – Low Resource Countries include members from ‘Low-income economies’, ‘Lower-middle-income economies’ and ‘Upper-middle-income economies’per the World Bank List of Economies
  • Individual Member – High Resource Countries include members from ‘High-income economies’ per the World Bank List of Economies


  With Journal  No Journal
 Individual Member - Low Resource Countries US$60  US$10 
 Individual Member - High Resource Countries   US$90  US$40

Two year membership option available at checkout 

Please note that memberships and subscriptions are not prorated. 

Please note that credit card payment from certain countries may be blocked for security purposes.  If you are having difficulties processing online payment, please contact ISNCC Head Office at