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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Please find below a list of relevant peer-reviewed publications related to ISNCC Projects.

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Strengthening the Oncology Nursing Workforce in Low- and Middle-Income Countries to Address the Growing Cancer Burden

A. Galassi et al.

(White Paper). 2015

Strengthening the oncology nurse workforce in low-income and middle-income countries

A. Galassi, Challinor, J., et al.
Lancet Oncology. 2016;16(8):887-888


Partnering with oncology nursing leaders in Latin America to deliver an education program on oral therapies in cancer
T. Truant, E. Green, and L.E. Ayala de Calvo
Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal. 2015;25(4):482-483


Helping smokers quit: behaviours and attitudes of Chinese Registered Nurses
L. Sarna, S.A. Bialous, X.N. Zou, W. Wang, S. Chan, M.J. Wells, and J. Brook
Journal of Advanced Nursing.  2015.

Tobacco Cessation Practices and Attitudes Among Nurses in the Czech Republic

L.P. Sarna, S.A. Bialous, E. Králíková, A. Kmetova, V. Felbrová, S. Kulovaná, K. Malá, E. Roubíčková, M.J.Wells, and J.K. Brook.
Cancer Nursing. Published Ahead-of-Print.



2013 President’s plenary international psycho-oncology society: embracing the IPOS standards as a means of enhancing comprehensive cancer care
B.D. Bultz, G.G. Cummings, L. Grassi, L. Travado, J. Hoekstra-Weebers and M. Watson
Psycho-Oncology. 2014;23(9):1073-8


Impact of a smoking cessation educational program on nurses' interventions.

L.P. Sarna, S.A. Bialous, E. Králíková, A. Kmetova, V. Felbrová, S. Kulovaná, K. Malá, E. Roubíčková, M.J. Wells, and J.K. Brook.
Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 2014;46(5):314-21


New models for elevating the practice and status of community-based nursing across the spectrum of cancer care in Central and Eastern Europe
C. Grimes, R.S. Wanless and J. Damonti
European Journal of Oncology Nursing. 2014;18(Suppl.2):S97-122

The nurse's role in managing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting: an international survey.
M. Krishnasamy, W. So, P. Yates, L.E. Ayala de Calvo, R. Annab, T. Wisniewski, S. Aranda
Cancer Nursing. 2014;37(4):E27-35





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