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ISNCC Cancer Patient Safety Framework - Phase II


Online modules presented by Massey Nematollahi, Meinir Krishnasamy and Kevin A. Schreffler.

In-person workshop at 18th ICCN presented by Kevin A. Schreffler and Marise Dutra Souto.


  1. Discuss the role of oral therapies in cancer care
  2. Define adherence
  3. Differentiate between the three types of factors impacting patient adherence to oral cytotoxic therapies
  4. Identify three clinically applicable ways of measuring adherence among patients
  5. Identify five key factors that impact an individual's capacity to adhere to oral therapy
  6. Identify two evidence-based resources to help guide practice and promote patient adherence
  7. Explain the benefits of utilizing the multidisciplinary care team to improve adherence to oral cytotoxic therapies
  8. Discuss established safety standards related to oral therapies



Module One

Introduction to Adherence

Module Two

Strategies to Address Adherence

Module Three

Designing and Implementing an Adherence Program