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2024 Board Elections


The ISNCC Nominations and Awards Committee is pleased to present the slate of nominees standing for election in 2024. In 2024, five Board of Director positions, including two executive positions and three portfolio positions, are open for election.

Executive Positions

1. President Elect - Elected for a two-year term, followed by a four-year term as President and two further years as Past President.

2. Secretary-Treasurer - Elected for a term of four years. The Treasurer-Secretary may be re-elected for a further four-year term.

General Board Positions (Elected Board members shall serve for a period of four years, beginning July 1, 2024, and will be eligible to be re-elected for one additional term of four years if this is their first term).

3. Communications Portfolio
4. Conference Management Portfolio
5. Policy and Advocacy Portfolio

As a reminder positions will commence on July 1, 2024.

Nominees By Portfolio

President-Elect (1)

  • Lena Sharp, Head of Department, Regional Cancer Center Stockholm-Gotland, Sweden

Secretary-Treasurer (1)

  • Catherine Johnson, Medical Oncology Clinical Nurse Consultant, Calvary Mater Newcastle, NSW Australia

Conference Management (1)

  • Suzanne Bishaw, Lecturer at Curtin University - Unit Coordinator for Undergraduate nursing units located in Perth and Mauritius. Lecturer Post-graduate nursing education in Perth and Singapore; and Chair of Conference Management Portfolio and Member of ISNCC Board of Directors

Communications Portfolio (1)

  • Yuhan Lu, President of Oncology Nursing Committee of Chinese Nursing Association; Director of Nursing Department of Peking University Cancer Hospital

Policy & Advocacy Portfolio (3)

  • Julia Downing, CEO, International Children's Palliative Care Network (ICPCN); Professor of Palllative Care, Makarere University, Uganda
  • David Makumi-Kinyanjui, CEO Faraja Cancer Support Trust, Kenya
  • Pamela Were, Community Chief Outreach Coordinator, International Cancer Institute, Kenya


ISNCC is seeking nominations from individuals interested in opportunities to be involved in ISNCC at the Board level. Individuals with experience working with ISNCC or within national cancer nursing societies with experience relevant to the advertised portfolios are encouraged to nominate.

Candidates must be a member of one of ISNCC full members in good standing with the Society or a global citizen of ISNCC. ISNCC Full members are national cancer nursing societies in the nominee’s country/region or a national nursing society.

Candidates must be registered nurses working in any area of the cancer care continuum. Full details of the criteria for appointment to the vacant positions is available below.

Successful candidates will take up their positions for a four year term commencing July 1st, 2024, except for the President Elect position whose term is for a total of eight years.

Open Executive Positions

  • President-Elect 2024-2026
  • Treasurer-Secretary 2024-2028

Open Portfolio Positions

  • Conference Management Portfolio 2024-2028
  • Communications Portfolio 2024-2028
  • Policy and Advocacy Portfolio 2024-2028

Deadline for nominations is March 15, 2024.

Submit A Nomination Online

PLEASE NOTE: you may start a nomination online at anytime and save a draft in progress. Please ensure you submit the final nomination before the deadline.

Final nominations are at the discretion of the ISNCC Awards and Nominations Committee. Please don’t hesitate to contact ISNCC Head Office with any questions at info@isncc.org.

Deadline for nominations is March 15, 2024

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